Curtain Cleaning

chemtechcurtainCenter-Line employees have tested many cleaning products available on the market. Soaps in both liquid and powder forms, and combinations of the two have been experimented with. the criteria in determining the success or failure of a product was;

  1. Removal of engine smoke from front corners.
  2. Removal of road films, grease, etc.
  3. No damage to graphics.
  4. No damage to acrylic laquer top coat found on original curtain material.
  5. Effective job with minimal difficulty and without removing curtain from trailer.

To date, we have found the best products to be available from;

Craft Laboratories
P.O. Box 11226
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46856
(800) 252-7238

The products recommended are;

  1. 501
  2. Roadmaster

Application of Cleanser

Mix products 501 and Roadmaster 50/50 straight (no water added) in pressure canister with spray nozzle attachment.

Work your way down the curtain five feet at a time. Spray mixture onto curtain from top to bottom and scrub with long handled stiff bristle brush.

Before the mixture drys, rinse five foot sections with water. Move to the next section to be cleaned and repeat the process. CAUTION Care should be taken when cleaning areas where graphics have been applied. Do not scrub using heavy or hard strokes. Graphics have been applied over the acrylic top coat and can be damaged if care is not taken. Use gentle strokes and rinse immediately.

For first time cleanings or if results are not acceptable, an intermediate step can be taken. Try this method;

  1. 501 & Roadmaster 50/50 mixture
  2. Scrub
  3. Roadmaster 50/50 with water
  4. Scrub
  5. Rinse with water

It is extremely important that you not attempt to clean sections larger than recommended and that the cleaners be rinsed with water before drying on curtain surface. Use caution when using this or other cleaning compounds. Refer to manufacturers warnings and instructions before use.