Component Parts

trailer partsIdentification of component parts and successfully sourcing outlets for their purchase is for many not only confusing but in fact, difficult. This is largely due to the variations in design that have been produced, each made up of components unique to that particular design. To date, each manufacturer of Curtain-sliders builds a design that is somewhat different from any other. And, in most cases, that design has been changed from year to year. All this means simply that the much needed parts support network has been slow to develop.

There is however, an effort underway intended to address this problem. An aftermarket parts line made up of somewhat “generic” or “universal” parts is being developed to retro-fit most if not all units in service today.

As your parts needs arise, the following steps are recommended.

  1. locate the manufacturers serial or vehicle identification number (VIN) plate usually located at the front of the unit body
  2. list the following:
  3. *manufacturer of the unit
    *serial or VIN
    *date of manufacture
    *design; slide-a-side or strap and buckle

  4. contact the manufacturer with the information listed and a description of the parts needed
  5. if you will need a repair center to install the parts, have the manufacturer recommend one for you
  6. if you are installing the parts, ask about special tools, procedures, and/or safeguards that should be taken

Should this process fail, we invite and encourage you to contact our offices for assistance before you proceed. Continued operation of the vehicle without repair can and in most cases will result in further damage, increased costs, and down-times. It can in fact lead to injury of any person attempting to operate the unit.