Straightline Art

Digital Art

One of the many attributes of the Curtain-Sider has been that it easily lends itself to unlimited possibilities in the area of graphic illustration. Logos, Products, and other information can be kept in the eyes of the customer as the trailer moves from load to load. In fact, in many cases the curtains have been fashioned and used as traveling billboards.At Center-Line, we use special inks to install your graphics. Experience has proven that these inks will provide the brightest, cleanest, and longest lasting images achievable. However, as nothing lasts forever, years of adverse weather conditions can somewhat fade the images and render them in need of repair. In this event, by returning the curtain to Center-Line, we can completely rework the graphics to a new appearance. Call us for a special quotation of this process.Repair of damaged curtains may also leave sections of the graphics in need of repair. This can be done at the local level given that the repair of the curtain is done there. Local artists using the brush technique can be employed for these jobs. The inks may be purchased in quantities as needed by contacting us.Note: Curtains not manufactured by Center-Line may have had other inks, paints, or dyes used to install the graphics. Use of dissimilair materials may result in further damages to the images. Contact the original manufacturer to obtain that information. If you are in doubt or are unsuccessful with this process, we will be happy to assist you.

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