CLT Blue Trailer

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Innovations in the Industry

Use of only the highest quality materials

CLT Sub-panfloor

Sub-Pan Floors

Galvanized sub floors keep moisture from wood floors

Standard on Center-Line Truck Bodies

Extends life of trailer

For more information check out the Press Release on Sub-Pan Floors under the Articles tab
CLT Galvanizing


Protects all steel parts from rust

Extends life of the trailer

No chipping or rust as with paint

Standard at Center-Line Trailers

For more information check out the Press Release on Galvanizing under the Articles tab

Leading the Way in the Curtain-side Trailer Manufacturing

Center-Line Trailers is the curtain side trailer manufacturing unit of Center-Line Group.

Center-Line Group is comprised of three business units: Center-Line Trailers, Center-Line Curtains and Center-Line Parts . With these three distinct business units, we are focused on being the #1 supplier for all your curtain-side trailer needs.

We offer curtain-side trailer users the most experienced team in the United States building curtains, supplying replacement parts for all brands of curtainsiders, and manufacturing curtain-side trailers.

Center-Line Group brings over 28 years experience to the curtain side trailer business and is the supplier of choice for curtain-side trailers, curtains and curtainsider parts in the US.

The founder, Rick Benton, was part of the original company that brought curtain-side trailer technology to the United States in 1985. After several years, Rick founded Center-Line Curtains to bring the best and most tested technology to the industry. Rick has kept that commitment and passion for highest quality, ever since.

Center-Line Parts brings you a team with 25+ years experience servicing the curtain-side industry. We not only carry parts and replacement curtains for Center-Line Trailers, but for all makes and models manufactured in the US. Center-Line Parts staff brings 30 years of experience to Center-Line Parts insuring you get the parts and service you need. We have new replacement parts for all major curtain-side trailer brands such as Nu Van, Great Dane, Utility, Roland, Sliding Systems and Morgan.

Center-Line Group proudly offers you the highest quality products and service in the curtainsider industry, we are Dedicated to Excellence!

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