We are a company of professional business people and seasoned craftsmen holding ourselves accountable to those requirements and standards. Center-Line Group strives to be the #1 supplier curtain side trailers, replacement curtains for both OEM and retail markets. We maintain an inventory level of replacement parts for all makes and models of curtain-side trailers and curtains second to none in the industry. Our trailer manufacturing facility is complete with the latest fabrication capabilities. We design, cut, assemble parts for building new trailers and for most models of older trailers, to keep you running at full profitability.


Center-Line Group will offer the U.S. the most productive, long lasting curtain-side trailer and curtains in the market today. Our trailers, side curtains and inventory of replacement parts, for all makes and models, will be second to none.

We accomplish this by:

  • - Working as a team to achieve the highest quality in the industry
  • - Valuing our customer’s satisfaction and profitability higher than any other company
  • - Valuing our people as Center-Line Group’s most important assets; knowing that being proud of what we do is critical to delivering worldclass products and service to our customers

We believe that our success lies in:

  • ... our customers profit and decreased driver injuries
  • ... our product still berunning 15+ years from purchase
  • ... low turnover and longevity of our team