Why use a curtain side trailer?

  • a. Multi-drop or less than truck load shipments are exactly where the curtain-side fits. As both sides of the trailer are accessible to the unloading, the shipments can be loaded by product and not just by "Last in - First out" delivery patterns, as with dry vans.
  • b. PROTECTION, PRODUCTION and PROFIT. Protecting people and products are 2 of the critical success factors for many companies. Curtain-side trailers do both. Tarping loads, climbing on large loads, especially in bad weather, cause many driver injuries. To tarp a fully loaded flatbed can take upwards of an hour. A curtain side trailer can be closed and locked down and back on the road in an average of 15 minutes after the trailer is loaded.
  • c. The cost savings of using a curtain side trailer is enormous. Companies who use curtain side trailers tout the increases in protection, productivity and profitability. According to Sanity Safety Blog, Feb, 2011, the average cost of a driver’s back injury, is $48,200.00 A slip and fall can cost more than $62.000.00. Protecting your people, lowering losses of time and profit on injuries and ruined product, are substantial.

Why use Center-Line Group?

  • a. Center-Line Group’s design is a significant difference from other manufacturers. Our all steel, bolt on upper structure, including, corner posts, top headers, front and rear, is time tested for longevity. Steel, though heavier, is sturdier, safer and enables long term return on your investment. The team at Center-Line Trailers has been building together for over 25 years, and many of those trailers are still on the road. Aluminum, though lighter, is not as structurally sound and will cause structural issues within a few years, especially the corner posts.
  • b. Bolt on upper structures give Center-Line Trailers some movement, with the trailer. Like earthquake proof buildings, the upper structure has some give, within safety margins. Welded upper structures crack within a few years needing repair or replacement.
  • c. Galvanizing adds to the longevity and increases owner profitability to our trailers. Keeping rust at bay in humid, rainy, snowy and icy conditions makes a great difference in Center-Line Trailers.
  • d. Center-Line Group has two manufacturing plants in the US. Our upper structures and curtains are all manufactured in the US. We also keep flatbeds in stock in order to be able to deliver trailers 2-3 months faster than most manufacturers. Our curtain manufacturing plant is in the US and we can deliver faster without customs costs from importers.

Can Center-Line Trailers customize my trailer?

Absolutely. Rack systems, tool boxes, additional ladders, winches, deck heights, whatever you need we can accommodate what will serve your business and customers the best. We have 28+ years of experience which we will lend to your operation as we design what makes the most sense and last the longest. Our experienced sales and engineering team, led by founder Rick Benton, will work with you to design the most efficient, safest, and cost effective trailer.

Can you put a curtain side top on my existing flatbed?

Yes we can, in most instances. Our engineering design team will need to look over the specs to make sure that we fit a curtain top properly and safely. WE need to check deck and neck configurations to move forward.

Can I put my logo and graphics on the curtains?

Definitely. We have a graphics team who will work with you on the colors of curtain fabrics, inks for printing, or digital imaging. Using your trailer as a mobile advertisement is one of the great advantages we can offer.

What kind of support can I count on from Center-Line?

Center-Line engages with the intent of life- long partnerships with our customers. Any issues or concerns that come up we can support you 100% with our parts department, fabrication dept. and our graphics department. We also have a full service repair shop that can also assist companies in our area. Center-Line Parts carries not only parts for our trailers but ALL MAKES AND MODELS of curtain side trailers. We support Nu Van trailers as well. Bobby Ufolla is our Parts Manager and can be reached at 800-458-0086. Please click on the Parts tab to see more information.