Center-Line Trailers is the only manufacturer who sub-pans the floors of a truck body. We build truck bodies from the ground up and ensure that all of the wood flooring is covered from underneath the trailer. NO water/moisture can get through, (which is the leading cause of decay in flooring) therefore, adding years to the life of the van body.

Sub-Pan Flooring Inside Frame

Quality & Service

"Dedication to Excellence" is the major difference Center-Line brings to the industry. Full attention is given to the success of both our valued customers and their trailer equipment. Our reputation is one of highest quality materials and manufactured goods, urgent customer response and innovators in the industry.


Galvanizing both the upper and lower structure is a Center-Line innovation. This offers you a trailer with a longer life on its steel parts, less rust and the confidence you have purchased the longest lasting trailer on the market. Durability is a proven factor. Center-Line boasts depth of knowledge, design and assembly in our team for the safest, longest lasting curtain side trailers on the road today. Trailers built by our team are tried and true and still on the road 25+ years.


Center-Line Trailers has assembled a team which consists of many of the original designers and builders of curtain side trailers. Since the technology came to the US in 1984 this team has worked together to innovate improved design, manufacturing and repair processes that keep our trailers as the most durable on the road today.


Center-Line customizes the trailer you NEED to make your business transport profitable and safe. If it is F track, D rings in the floor, sliding posts, tool boxes or galvanized floor plate, whatever is going to make this trailer work for you at highest efficiency and profitability. Our sales and engineering team will work with you to know the most important elements. Is weight a concern, special internal tools or flooring? Center-Line will build to suit your needs